NEW BOOK Decodes How You Can Learn Faster, Train Like The Best & Become Extraordinary At Anything!
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(PLUS: On This Page, You Get A Paperback Copy Of This Must-Read Book For FREE!)
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What You'll Learn Inside This Book?
  Learn Anything You Want Faster
In the word's of the 87 billion dollar man, Warren Buffett, ''The more you learn, the more you'll earn...'' In the information age we live in, our ability to learn quickly & adapt to ongoing change is a critical element of success at anything (& that's what you'll learn how to do in this book!)
  Accelerate Any Learning Curve
What if... you could learn in just a few hours what it would normally take others many, many hours (or even days) to learn? Or... what if you could learn in a few days what it might take others weeks, months of years to learn? 

Imagine the strategic advantage this would give you personally & professionally! 

In this book, you'll learn exactly how to do that through cutting-edge strategies.
  Train Your Skills Like The World's Best
The world's highest achieving people are also the world's most skilled people. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a parent, a business owner or an athlete, a speaker or a teacher, your ability to develop the right skills is what's going to help you reach a new, higher level of success.

However, training your skill isn't simply about 'repetition'. Rather, the world's highest achievers are far more mindful & strategic about their skill development & it's what enables them to be so great - you'll learn to do the same in this book!
  Take Control Of Your Learning & Skill Acquisition
Latest research shows us there's is little-to-no correlation between IQ, intellect, ''innate talent'' & your level of life success. Natural born abilities play a MUCH smaller role in becoming extraordinary than we have been misled to believe. 

In this book... you'll discover the truth about 'talent', experience, learning & what it really takes to become great at what you do (& achieve accordingly!)
  Become Extraordinary At Anything
If you want to earn more, impact more people & tap into greater levels of power & happiness in your life, you need to deploy proven strategies that will help you become extraordinary at what you do (as you'll learn inside this book!)
  250+ Pages Packed With The Strategies, Tactics, & Methodologies Of The World's Highest Achievers
This book levels the playing field for anyone who wants to become great (& even truly masterful) at their craft... it peels back the curtain & lets you take a look at what truly makes people extraordinary (& how you can join them!) 

5+ years of my research (& a journey working with many thousands of fans, readers, customers & clients over the years); all packaged into this 1 book!
This Transformational New Book Has Already Been Ordered From & Delivered To 56+ Countries Worldwide... It's Getting Raving Reviews... People Are Repeatedly Calling This Book, 'Life Changing', 'Extraordinary' & 'A Must-Read!'...
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Retail Price: $17.95, 
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Now, Here's Specifically What You'll Learn In Each Section Of This Book:
What You'll Learn In SECTION #1...
  • Want more success, but not sure exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals & dreams? START HERE! In just the first few pages, you’ll learn exactly how the world’s highest achievers leverage the simple success secret that is “knowledge & skill” to predictably elevate their income, impact & success...
  • The "SKILL PYRAMID" framework for optimal skill development & success acceleration...​ (NOTE: learning this will give you a practical plan of action for expanding your knowledge, upgrading your skills & achieving your goals!)
  • THE WORLD HAS CHANGED! You’ll learn the 2 BIG economical & technological reasons why skill is more important today than it’s ever been before…
  • Why “success is a science” & the “ACHIEVEMENT HACKING” method explained... (WARNING: once you learn these 2 things, you’ll no longer look be able to look at the success of others with starry-eyes; you’ll no longer be able to engage in ‘idol worship’ as success won’t seen so elusive to you anymore. What you’ll gain instead though is a mindset & method for deconstructing any goal you have, modelling success & achieving more, faster!)
  • Ever feared you’d lose your job / business / savings, etc? ​Well, there’s 1 THING you can do, which will prepare for the worst, set you up for the best & help you generate confidence in your ability to succeed, no matter what!!!
  • How do you go from a ‘beginner’... to an ‘amateur’... to a ‘professional’... to a ‘master’... to one of the ‘elite’ (top 1%) at your craft? You’ll learn insights which will give you total clarity on what’s really required to become extraordinary!
  • 7 OF THE BIGGEST “SUCCESS MYTHS” DEBUNKED - One false idea is enough to derail you & prevent you from creating the success you’re truly capable of… which is why, you’ll discover 7 of the biggest myths & misconceptions about success, how to “unlearn” them… as well as the empowering beliefs that you can instill into your thinking to set yourself up for extraordinary achievement!
  • 'IQ' = Success? Is that really true? - Growing up you may have heard that it's those with high IQ that become successful - & that those with low IQ never really amount to much in life. But, is this true?  Discover what the longest psychological study to date on the topic says about this...
  • THE 3 PHASES of the “GENIUS ILLUSION” - People tend to categorize most geniuses, child prodigies & gifted individuals in 3 various, very-distinct “phases” as they go through their careers… (NOTE: once you learn these 3 phases, it’ll forever change how you think about ‘talent’)
  • How a Austrian kid composed his own music & played in front of sold-out crowds across Europe at the age of 8! (PLUS: the 1 BIG lesson you can take away from his story which will forever change how you think about success!)
  • Think you need a fancy college degree, PhD or multiple doctorates to achieve the level of success you desire?  THINK AGAIN! You’ll learn there’s actually little correlation between academic results & life success... (PLUS: you’ll learn the steps you must take to succeed - irrelevant of your formal education level!)
  • THE “EXPERIENCE” MYTH - You’ll also learn why you don’t need “XX years of experience” to become extraordinary at what you do, get the job you want, create the business you want & achieve your goals! (INCLUDING: many eye-opening examples which show how deceptive “experience” can really be!)
  • The “10,000-hours-to-mastery” rule debunked - you’ll learn the 3 BIG FLAWS with this rule, as well as high-performance strategies for accelerating & short-cutting the time it takes to become extraordinary at what you do... (NOTE: just learning this 1 thing alone can save you thousands of hours & make your decision to read this book one that you look back on fondly!)
  • Ever felt like you’re doing all the ‘right things’ but still not getting the results you want? That’s because it’s NOT enough to just do the ‘right things’... you also need to do them at the right TIME, in the right SEQUENCE, with the right INTENTION, within the right CONTEXT, etc… All these additional things are ‘NUANCES’ & you’ll learn how to apply them into your life so that you can actually turn your efforts into the results you desire & deserve!
  • How does ‘learning’ actually work? How does the brain go from ‘not knowing’ something to ‘knowing’ it?... Most people’s learning ability (& speed) is limited simply because we never get taught how ‘learning’ actually works while we’re in school! --- In this 1st section, you’ll learn how the process of “learning” works, which will, near-automatically, make you a better & faster learner!
  • The key to accelerating your learning & skill development is to get to a point of _____-____________ as quickly as possible… (NOTE: you’ll learn one of the biggest secrets to accelerated learning right away in this 1st section!)
  • Ever felt like you couldn’t handle the ‘confusion’ & ‘overwhelm’ you were experiencing while attempting to learn something new? --- Well, once you learn the mechanics of learning in this section, you’ll know exactly what you must do to quickly eradicate these sabotaging feelings & proceed to learn any topic or skill (irrelevant of how complex it may seem) feeling empowered!
  • We're constantly processing information, yet it’s our lack of understanding of how exactly our brains & bodies do this that prevents us from making better decisions, learning faster & achieving more! --- And so, ultimately, what you’re getting from section #1 are insights & understandings that’ll give you back control of your learning, skill development & success... (INCLUDING: many powerful frameworks, such as “MENTAL BANDWIDTH” & “SKILL INTEGRATION”, designed to make the understanding of all the information in this book easy!)
I believe that we should have been taught all of these invaluable insights & understandings in school (which would render this book unnecessary) but unfortunately, the education system has failed us in this way...

...and so, if we really want to set ourselves up for success & achieve the goals that we aspire to achieve...

...we must be proactive in looking for ways to educate ourselves (above & beyond traditional education)...

 ...ULTIMATELY, we must invest in our self-education & feed our mind's with the insights, understandings, ideas, concepts & frameworks that'll skew our odds of ultimate success in our favour... (like the one's in section #1 of this transformative, new book!)
Essentially, what you're getting in this 2nd section, is an complete guide into what really makes the difference between average, mediocre achievement & the extraordinary levels of skill & success that you desire & deserve...

(You'll likely learn more about what truly creates high performance & success in this one section than you did in all the years you may have spend going through a traditional high school & college education)
What You'll Learn In SECTION #2...
  • The #1 misconception about ‘learning’ that holds so many people back from attaining the levels of knowledge, skill & success they desire & deserve… (PLUS: the 1 critical realization which will help you overcome this obstacle & get onto the path of mastery!)
  • Why learning MORE can causing you to experience LESS success (PLUS: how to start thinking about learning & success like an intelligent investor…)
  • THE “SPECIALIZATION / SELF-SUSTAINABILITY SCALE” -- Learning this tool will open the door for you into a reality in which you’re spending LESS time doing the boring, mundane, meaningless things you don’t want to do & MORE time on what truly meaningful to you!
  • We’ve been told ‘imbalance’ is a bad thing & we should maintain ‘balance’ at all times, however learning to INTENTIONALLY leverage IMBALANCE is actually one of the biggest secrets to success...(NOTE: this is what high achievers do really well & you’ll learn how to as well in this section!)
  • MASTERY & SUCCESS is a game of _____________! (You’ll learn to strategically allocate the #1 resource you have in order to create the results you want!)
  • THE "3 FOUNDATIONS OF MASTERY" framework - You’ll learn the 3 irrefutable keys you MUST have in place to become extraordinary at anything… (IMPORTANT: if you’re missing any 1 of these 3 keys, you’re likelihood of getting to a high level of competence goes down dramatically!)
  • Why 'repetition' & 'doing the reps' isn't NOT enough to get good at something... (PLUS: a detailed guide into the 3rd critical, yet often overlooked, key to becoming extraordinary at anything!)
  • Ideas, strategies & exercises for finding (& sustaining) your ‘passion’ for the topics & skills you've chosen to pursue getting great at...
  • How to be more committed, self-disciplined & focused in your pursuit of mastery & success at what you do… (INCLUDING: practical examples from the lives of NBA athletes, billionaires, innovators & Fortune 500 companies)
  • The simple ‘7-word question’ behind the success of the youngest U.S. female billionaire... (NOTE: she largely credits her success to this 1 simple question her father would repeatedly ask her while she was growing up!)
  • The skill development secrets (& training practices) behind the best Olympic diving team in history... (IMPORTANT: no matter what you’re working on in your life right now, these keys will be applicable to you & will undoubtedly help you get better results!)
  • How to change your relationship with failure... (INCLUDING: inspiring examples & practical lessons from the lives of Vincent Van Vogh, Paulo Coelho, Michael Jordan & Olympic gold medal figure skaters!)
  • 1 unconventional, yet effective strategy for overcoming any FEAR that may come up as you learn new things… (INCLUDING: a hilarious example of how I used this strategy to help my 69-year old grandma to learn to ski!)
  • A 7 DAY CHALLENGE to re-wire your brain to optimally react to failure, setbacks & challenges... (just like the world’s highest achievers do!)
  • The 1 'mindset shift' which helped create the greatest magician & illusionist alive today! (PLUS: 2 other, additional, mindset shift’s that'll help you tune into the mindset required for peak performance & success!)
  • How to practically turn criticism, hate & complaints into 'fuel' which helps you learn, grow & become even better at what you do -- learning this will make you truly unstoppable!
  • A SHOCKING STUDY​which reveals one of the biggest keys to improving at anything --- not just in your skill development, but across ALL areas of life!
  • The 1 specific thing John D. Rockefeller (considered the richest American of all time) did growing up to become great at managing money.. (PLUS: how you can do the same to get better at ANY topic, attribute, skill-set, area of your life, you want!)
  • Want a quick & simple strategy for, not only boosting your results, but also your morale, spirit & well-being while you’re doing all the hard work to get better? The key is ____________ & I’ll share exactly how you can implement it!
  • The “9-STEP LEARNING PROCESS” -- this process brings together many of the understandings & strategies in the first 2 sections of this book into a complete, step-by-step, process, you can use to learn any topic & develop any skill you want at a accelerated rate!!!
Essentially, what you're getting in this 2nd section, is an complete guide into what really makes the difference between average, mediocre achievement & the extraordinary levels of skill & success that you desire & deserve...

(You'll likely learn more about what truly creates high performance & success in this one section than you did in all the years you may have spend going through a traditional high school & college education)
What You'll Learn In SECTION #3...
  • How to do the ‘seemingly-impossible!’ (NOTE: There are patterns that most ‘impossible’ feats throughout history follow… & when you learn these patterns in this section, you’ll know what you must do to do the so-called ‘impossible’!)
  • How does ‘memory’ actually work & how can you improve it?​ We’ll dive deep into this & you’ll learn the mechanics of memory & recall (NOTE: once you learn this, it’ll have a near-instantaneous positive effect on your memory!)
  • 3 UNIQUE “LEARNING & MEMORY BOOSTING” STRATEGIES you can apply, almost immediately, to learn better, faster & remember more… (INCLUDING: 6 creative ways you can create “memory triggers” which will help you remember exactly what you to & WHEN you need it!)
  • 5 POWERFUL “SKILL DEVELOPMENT ACCELERATION” HACKS -- once you learn these, you’ll have a completely tool-belt of various tools (for various situations) that you can pull out when you need them, to accelerate your learning & skill development - on demand!
  • How to put yourself in the right ‘state of mind’ for maximum learning... (INCLUDING: The “2 ELEMENTS OF STATE” framework which will give you the practicality you need to apply this into your life right away!)
  • COACHING vs MENTORING - you may think you know the difference, but do you really? And do you know how to get coaches & mentors to help you in your life? You’ll learn all of this in this section...
  • How I applied the strategy of ______________ to radically accelerate the learning & achievement of many things in my life... (e.g. learning a new language, writing books, learning how to gallop a horse in just 2 hours, etc...)
  • Most people assume that high achievers “rise to the occasion” -- they DON’T! You’ll learn what they actually do instead to perform when the pressure is on…
  • Whether it’s on the field, during a test or in the boardroom… why do people crack / choke under pressure & fail to perform? And are there ways we can prepare ourselves, so that we actually thrive no matter what? YES! Absolutely! And you’ll learn these understandings, ideas, tips & tricks in this section…
  • The 1 simple, yet powerful, strategy which helped Brazil produce so many football legends & enabled the national team to win more World Cups than any other team in the world... (PLUS: how YOU can apply this same strategy to become extraordinary, thrive under pressure & achieve more, faster!)
  • Why taking regular breaks will help you learn less MORE!.. (PLUS: the “3 KEYS TO PROPER REST & RECOVER” framework which will help you take breaks, rest & recover optimally - just like the world's highest performers!)
  • What is it that stops, limits & slows down learning? In this book, we look at learning from every angle, including a chapter on the “5 LEARNING SPEED KILLERS” which hold people back from seizing their full learning potential! (PLUS, of course, you’ll also learn practical steps you can take to overcome each of these 5 traps & get the best possible results going forward...)
  • The 2 questions (& 1 critical metric) you MUST pay attention to if you want to not just learn, but actually apply what you learn to create tangible growth!
  • How to be more PROACTIVE in your learning & skill development, so that you can generate breakthrough ideas & insights at a rapid rate!
  • Ideas & tips on how you can apply Carol Dweck’s incredible work on “FIXED vs GROWTH MINDSET” to react to setbacks optimally, challenge yourself more, embody commitment & set yourself up for ultimate success!
  • One of the biggest things that slows down our learning speed is what we call slow “FEEDBACK SPEED” -- You’ll learn exactly what this means & how you can use the framework of “feedback speed” to massively accelerate your learning speed at anything!
  • How to combat distraction & transcend our goldfish-like attention span in order to be more focused, persistent & effective in ALL of our learning & skill development efforts!.. (NOTE: learning this will be game-changing for you!)
  • How to craft a clear strategy (& effectively apply the acceleration strategies you learned in this 3rd section) to create a significant & tangible difference in every moment you spend learning any new topic or developing any skill!
In summary: this 3rd section has been strategically put together to give you not just the philosophical understandings, but also an entire tool-belt full of practical strategies, methods, tips, tricks & hacks for accelerated learning & radically-enhanced skill development!
In summary: this 3rd section has been strategically put together to give you not just the philosophical understandings, but also an entire tool-belt full of practical strategies, methods, tips, tricks & hacks for accelerated learning & radically-enhanced skill development!
What You'll Learn In SECTION #4...
  • The #1 reason why 92% of New Year's Resolutions, 97% of diets & 70% of workplace change initiatives FAIL… (NOTE: once you understand this, you’ll know what pitfalls you must avoid when creating any type of change!)
  • The “4 STEPS TO LASTING CHANGE” framework explained -- You’ll discover what it really takes to create change that lasts... (INCLUDING: a detailed guide into the 4th critical step that most people overlook!)
  • All successful changes (& new-formed habits) follow a specific cycle… once you learn the mechanics of this “CHANGE CYCLE” in this 4th section, you’ll be able to anticipate the challenges ahead & more easily create any change / improvement you desire…
  • BRIDGING THE “KNOWLEDGE-IMPLEMENTATION GAP” - you’ll learn the keys you need to turn more of what you already know into what you actually do each & every day! (NOTE: just think about how much more success you would already have achieved if you just implemented all the things you already know you should be doing…)
  • How to apply Mark Twain’s famous 14-word-quote to disconnect from average, mediocre thinking & step into the mindset of high performance & extraordinary achievement
  • How to re-wire your brain to more consistently follow through on all the little things that accumulate over time to form success or failure..
  • Ideas & strategies for becoming an “IMPLEMENTATION MACHINE"... (IMPORTANT: learning these keys will not only help you implement what you learn in this book, but more of what you learn in EVERY book, course, program, class, event, session, etc, you ever go through in the future!)
  • The ‘’IMPLEMENTATION SPEED’’ framework... this framework (& the specific set of insights that comes along with it) will help you, not only get great at implementation, but at RAPID, ACCELERATED implementation!
  • How to summon the required FOCUS to implement what you learn in this book & make meaningful, lasting changes in your learning, skill development & across all the important areas of your life...
  • A SUMMARY of the key ideas, understandings, mindset shift’s & practical strategies covered in this book… which, combined, will help you supercharge your natural capacity to ‘learn’ & enable you to learn faster, train key skills just like the world’s best do &, should you choose, become truly, truly extraordinary at anything you desire...
Learning is a natural capacity that we all possess; it's something that we are born (& naturally gifted) with... 

..but, accelerated learning & optimized skill development is NOT; that's something we must put in time to develop...

The upside, of course, is that the future belongs to those who are able to think clearer, learn new things faster, develop skills at an accelerated rate & become extraordinary (& therefore, extraordinarily valuable) at what they do!
MEET THE AUTHOR  |  Bogdan Juncewicz
Since making a decision to voluntarily drop out of high school at the age of 13, Bogdan has been obsessed with figuring out what makes people extraordinary at what they do & how anyone can create the success & happiness they desire...

Today, he's the author of multiple bestselling & internationally-distributed books (including 'Self Mastery' & '6 Day Publish' ). He's also a content creator & keynote speaker, who has spoken on stages across 3 continents, teaching thousands & thousands of people worldwide. Including: multi-millionaires, TEDx speakers, marketers, musicians, teachers, fitness professionals & more.

Bogdan has more than 6 years of real-world, practical regular-100-hour-work-weeks experience, researching, studying & teaching topics, such as accelerated learning, skill development, human psychology, motivation, productivity & overall personal development. And his teachings are grounded in (& backed by) years of research in the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, performance psychology & human behavior.

A lot of his experience, specific insights & relatable examples have also come from the in-the-trenches work he does as a ‘coach,’ delivering breakthrough results for his clients. 

Over the years, he’s helped people break addictions, overcome limiting beliefs & make huge shifts in their lives in just a few coaching sessions - the same results some therapists take many, many years to get for their clients!

Most importantly, he’s the founder & CEO of an online education company, which serves customers & clients across 60+ countries & 6 continents, providing world-class alternative education in the areas that school falls short. The mission of this company (& his work) is to reform the education system & elevate, improve & evolve human education - for greater achievement, happiness & freedom...

Bestselling Author. International Speaker. Coach. Voluntary High School Dropout.
What Others Say About Bogdan's Work...

''Bogdan's honest, sincere & uncomplicated manner is breath of fresh air. These strategies guided me to come up with a system that works for me.''

- Riffi Khan, TV Producer & Founder of Sunflower Productions

''Bogdan's knowledge combined with this fantastic ability to explain everything simply... will leave anyone achieving their greatness.''

- Noah Abelman, 99.90th percentile student & creator: ExamReadyTutoring

''I can promise you that Bogdan's guidance will be invaluable to helping you reach your end goal.''

- Pam Wright, Australia’s Leading Stress Expert & FasterEFT Trainer
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A few reasons actually...

1. It's my way of saying thank you to my dedicated subscribers and all the people that have supported me on my journey :-)

2. I believe this is the stuff we should have learned in school, but the school system failed to teach us. I want to level the playing field by giving people the tools to learn & develop their skills optimally... essentially, it's part of my mission & legacy on this planet..

3. I believe that if I can get a hugely valuable products of mine (this book) into the hands of my customers, they are far more likely to rave about my work, share my work with others, spread my message, as well as choose to work with me in the future... (basically, I want to add massive value to you upfront so you fall in love with my work!)

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What the heck do I know about teaching, publishing and sharing a message?
  • I'm the author of Skilled Success (this 200 page book was written in 6 days)
  • ​I'm the author of 6 Day Publish​​​​​​ (this 201 page book was written in just 4.5 days)  
  • ​I'm an international speaker & over the last 5 years I have been privileged to teach thousands and thousands of people all around the world (including in Australia, the UK, India, Singapore, etc) powerful business and life strategies. 
  • ​I'm the founder and CEO of 2 digital businesses 
  • ​My digital ads reach over a million people every year (with all due respect, this sounds more impressive than it actually is... not easy, but not too difficult to achieve)  
  •  I'm the creator and host of a online show called The Accelerated Achievement Show
  •  I've been personally mentored by the founder and CEO of the world's #1 Experiential Business Training Company
  •  I have over 4 years of experience in content creation and digital strategy (yes, I started when I was about 13)
  •  I'm the creator of TimeHack... an advanced training program on productivity, optimisation and time maximization.
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